HobbyKing RoboCat 275mm True Carbon Racer Quad (Green)

o 275 size FPV racing quad frame
o Super tough and durable all 4k weave carbon fiber construction
o Eye catching Lexan body shell design available in several colors
o Unique rotating frame design allows easy access to electronics
o Plenty of space for electronics and FPV equipment
o Individual component mounting options for a neat and tidy install
o Pre-angled FPV camera mount for high speed flight
o Large battery compartment can accommodate batteries up to 2200mAH
o Built-in XT60 bracket protects battery cables from prop/crash damage
o 16 & 19mm motor mount bolt hole spacing

フレーム直径: 275mm
材質: カーボン / アルミ
フレーム重さ: 190g
モーターマウント取付け幅: 16, 19mm

4 x モーター 1806~2208
1 x バッテリー 1300~2200mah 11.1 ~ 14.8v (3 or 4 cells リポ)
4 x プロペラ up to 6in
4 x アンプ 7~20A
1 x マルチローターフライトコンローラー
4ch プロポ (6ch recommended for FPV and FC use)FPV gear (optional)

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高級感 275mm RoboCat HobbyKing True (Green) Quad Racer Carbon-ヘリコプター